Ammunition Boxes



Artillery ammunition was packed in sturdy wooden boxes at the factory or arsenal and shipped to the front.  In keeping with authenticity, our boxes are made to the precise specifications given in the US and CS Ordnance manuals. Our boxes are constructed of 1.25″ Pine with rope handles. The corners are box slotted, glued clamped and nailed for added strength.

Rifled Ammunition is made from Iron and is CNC turned. The Case shots have the correct thickness of walls and are filled with lead shot and resin. The shells have the correct wall thickness as well. All can be fired/will take the rifling. Our boxes are the correct size, weight, and material like original ammunition boxes used in battle, but NEW!


Color coded boxes indicates the type of ammunition it holds as follows:
Red is for Case Shot
Dark Green is for Shot
Black is for Shell
Olive is for Canister

The caliber, type and quantity are stenciled on both ends of each box. These are great for Living History Set-Ups, camp accessories, etc. In the midst of battle you can never have enough 12 Pdr ammunition boxes.

Ammunition Boxes Price List
Part # Description Price Each
TRO-201 3″ Rifled Gun, Parrott Shell or Cast Shot (Specify) $100.00
TRO-202 3″ Rifled Gun, Parrott Canister (Specify) $100.00
TRO-203 6 Pdr Gun Shot $90.00
TRO-203C 6 Pdr Gun Case Shot $90.00
TRO-204 6 Pdr Gun Canister $90.00
TRO-205 12 Pdr Gun Shot $90.00
TRO-205C 12 Pdr Gun Case Shot $90.00
TRO-205S 12 Pdr Gun Shell $90.00
TRO-206 12 Pdr Gun Canister $90.00
TRO-207 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Shell $95.00
TRO-207C 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Case Shot $95.00
TRO-208 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Canister $95.00
TR0-211 12 Pdr Field Howitzer Shell $100.00
TRO-211C 12 Pdr Field Howitzer Case Shot $100.00
TRO-212 12 Pdr Field Howitzer Canister $100.00
Other Types or Calibers – Please Call

All prices are plus shipping and handling from Blaine, TN 37709.